I realized that I scheduled one of our wood type fundraisers to conflict with another thing I’m doing. So. The Thursday, December 12th evening demo/workshop is canceled. Sorry about that! We’ll make up for it in the new year.

Tuesday, 17 December: still on, if you’re interested. Sign up today!

We’re also offering a papermaking intensive in January, so check that out as well.



A few weeks ago, we got this beauty into the shop:

Superior Press

(That is a factory-original paint job. It’s not quite so bright in person, but it’s still pretty impressive.)

We’d like to get it new rollers, so we can do fun small-scale printing. (The rollers may also be factory original. Or I might be exaggerating slightly for effect …)

I also went to Letterpress Things recently and found not one but two delightful fonts of 6-line (that’s an inch) wood type. Here’s one of them:

complete wood type

(Look at those g’s!)

All this means we need funds! (To help pay for the type & more importantly to get new rollers for the lovely new press.)

We’re offering special fundraiser card-printing workshops on December 12th & 17th: a Tuesday and a Thursday, so hopefully everyone can find time in their schedule. I’ll set up as many of the presses as are sufficiently functional (that’s at least two, but I’ll test the tabletops’ rollers and if they work, we’ll use them) with holiday/winter-themed text from the new wood type. (If there’s sufficient interest, we’ll consider adding a Sunday session, so send us email.)

$60 / all materials included / attendance max. 12 / 3 hrs (6:30-9:30pm)

Register for Thursday, December 12 at Eventbrite by clicking here.

Register for Tuesday, December 17 at Eventbrite by clicking here.

email bostonpapercollective@gmail.com with questions

Last minute plans! Awesome!

Dearest Readers,

We’re pleased to tell you that TOMORROW (Sunday, October 6) we’ll* be at the Harvard Book Store Warehouse weekend event. For more information, check their website. There are other entertaining folks attending, and books! So many books! Many of them on sale! (They’re offering a discount on art books. This has the potential to be a dangerously good deal!)

We’ll be bringing paper, blank books, and cards. There will likely be fun surprises.

Come visit! (The HBS warehouse is 14 Park Street in Somerville, near Artisans Asylum and pretty darn close to Union Square.) Doors open at 10 and it’s all over at 6.

* We, in this case, means Melinda. Julia may also show up as relief for a couple of hours. Ask Melinda about technology and paper. Trust me, it’s likely to be entertaining.

What we’ve been up to

I’m well on the way to finishing another book — I’ve got the interior sheets all prepped, and now I need to make one more design decision & do covers. This does include making paper for the covers, which is going to be fun as long as the weather cooperates. I have a few pounds of blue and grey cotton, and a handful of black silk, which … well, time will tell.

Finished sheets! Almost a book.

Finished sheets! Almost a book.

Our intern, K., is getting lots of practice with rag, and this week she’s going to try making paper for her printmaking class next semester.

Three kinds of paper made by our extremely productive intern.

Three kinds of paper made by our extremely productive intern.

Melinda has been making progress on her epic vacuum table plan. She’s also been making noises about large-scale marbling again, which is always a good time.

We had a printer come in and do some work on the Vandy, which was lots of fun — it’s deeply entertaining to see how people who know their way around a clamshell react to the cylinder press.

And last, but not least, now that we have a functional electric guillotine (yeah!), life in the print shop is even more fun. And easier. I cut a lot of chipboard for our booth at the Boston Handmade market last weekend. So satisfying. (Now I need to put the good blade on so I can cut some paper…)

Making a record of process

I created a shop-centric tumblr in a moment of weakness the other day. Mostly, it’s so all the random pictures I take of printing in process will stay contained. Otherwise they get all kinds of out of hand.

It’s at http://papercollectiveshop.tumblr.com/ … and I make no promises about its long-term survival (it depends on my continuing use of a futurephone & also available wireless & Tumblr continuing to be amusing). For the moment, though, I will be posting snapshots of life in the shop for everyone’s amusement.

And since I am going to be printing some ridiculous cards tomorrow, well, there will be more things to look at.

More about our guest artist – and another workshop!

First: the workshop.

Alternative Letterpress: Sunday April 21. 1:00 – 5:00 $175, materials included

Have a press and love printing but don’t have the money to buy a ton of large type? Bored of carving linoleum? Don’t want to spend an obscene amount of money to have a plate made for a background? This is the class for you! Come learn some alternative ways to get textures, backgrounds, shapes and letters on your letterpress prints with easy to find items and easy to learn techniques!

Previous Letterpress experience is required. Wear closed-toe shoes and clothes you don’t mind getting a little inky.
drew holcombe print
(above, a poster made in part using these techniques, printed by MLK at Hatch Show Print)
About our guest instructor:

Megan L. King graduated from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in 2008 with her Bachelor of Fine Arts. After graduating, she worked with Rob Charlton at Goosefish Press in Boston, MA until in 2010, she moved to Atlanta, GA and started her own letterpress shop called MLK&toast. In 2011, she ran a successful kickstarter campaign to fund a series of letterpress posters and she did a two-month internship at Hatch Show Print in Nashville, TN. Her work has been featured at 2Rules Gallery in Marietta, GA and at Goosefish Press in Boston, MA. She has also been a designer on Fab.com. She recently moved her shop into a studio space just east of Atlanta and is applying to graduate schools. You can view her work online at www.mlkandtoast.com and purchase her work at www.mlkandtoastpress.etsy.com

Visiting artist! New workshops! Posters on sale!

We’re thrilled to announce that a friend of the studios, printer and all-around awesome human Megan King, is coming to town as a visiting artist in April.

She’ll be teaching two introductory letterpress workshops and a special alternative methods class. Check back for details: we’ll be posting as soon as we can!

(I also owe her one: she’s the person who told me I should check this paper collective thing out in the first place.)

Here’s her post on the project she’ll be doing while she’s here and the sale she’s running to get travel funds: 30 for 15! This an awesome deal on some excellent posters — we have a lot of them hanging in the print shop, and they have a certain inspirational quality.