Lamp making workshop with Helen Hiebert 2/18 & 2/19

 Handmade paper is a wonderful and light material for use in creating low-relief and three-dimensional objects. By using embedded wire, string, and reed between sheets of high shrinkage abaca the paper has a structural form for building. After creating the embedded paper the first day, students will return to the studio on day two to find the paper magically transformed and will learn ways to further manipulate the dry sheets into forms ranging from lamps and lanterns to low-relief  and three-dimensional sculptural objects. We will experiment with glue, thread, wire and other fasteners to create unique objects.
250$ including materials
sign up by e-mailing going to or calling 617-863-0886

2012 Winter Schedule

There are 3 exciting papermaking workshops listed on our Current Workshops page. Be sure to check back often as we will be adding some letterpress printing workshops and events for February, and Pulp Painting in March. If you are interested in studio rental, marbling or having a papermaking workshop come to you  just e-mail or call 617-863-0886 for more info.