For our first Monday night “open studio” (Feb 4)

We’re going to have some binding things out. I’m working on a few single-section hardcovers (I decided I wanted to do some fun bindings this year, and I have a few things in mind. I’m considering this practice.)

So: come in, take a look at our collection of bookbinding manuals, peruse the work we’re doing in the studio, and we’ll do a simple pamphlet or two to get you started. There will be paper, chipboard, and thread. We’ll see what excellent things we can do with that. It should be fun.

The following week, we’re doing some low-key paper decorating on Thursday. I don’t know exactly what kind of decorating it’ll be for sure yet, although I suspect it will involve the suminagashi kits, because I’m still thirty covers short on an edition.

(Please register for these (and other) events at our Eventbrite page. We need to know you’re coming!)