Winter Workshops

In addition to offering different levels of membership, and custom classes, we now offer open studio days for discounted space use. If you are interested e-mail to schedule.

Open Papermaking Thursday March 10, 6:30-8pm Open papermaking is a social space that includes a vatt of pulp and some instruction. Please e-mail if you plan to attend. There is a pay what you can policy at open papermaking with a suggested donation of $20.

Papermaking Basics Saturday March 12, 1-5pm Taught by Melinda Cross Introduction to making paper from rags. $80.

Washi Papermaking Sunday March 27, 1-5pm Taught by Zoe Culbertson     An introduction to the art of making Japanese paper, called Washi, from kozo fiber (Paper Mulberry) using traditional methods. Washi is an extremely strong paper and can be used for calligraphy, printmaking, painting, shoji screens, scrolls, lamps, books and all kinds of unique projects. A brief background of Japanese paper will be followed by hands on papermaking as students prepare the vat, form sheets and press them in this one day workshop. Some decorative techniques, such as embedding pressed fall leaves or creating patterns with water (rakusui) will also be introduced. Workshop facilitator lived in Japan for 6 years and is a very experienced papermaker. $80.

Pulp Printing Saturday April 9, 1-5pm Taught by Melinda Kate Cross       Paper pulp can be used to create an editionable image shortly after a new sheet is pulled. $80.

Spring Papermaking: Embeddings and inclusions Saturday April 16, 1-5 Taught by Zoe Culbertson                                                                                                             Cherry and Plum blossom petals mixed into pulp, making sheets of paper that capture the beauty of spring. $80.

e-mail to reserve a spot.