Washi Basics Workshop Sept. 20

Zoe Moon Culbertson has been a member for a few months and is excited to share the papermaking knowledge she acquired while living in Japan. Newly back in the States, she is a practicing Shiatsu therapist www.shiatsumoon.com, translator, and papermaker.

Washi Basics Workshop

Sunday Sep 20 2-5 pm

An introduction to the art of making Japanese paper, called Washi, from kozo fiber (Paper Mulberry) using traditional methods. Washi is an extremely strong paper and can be used for calligraphy, printmaking, painting, shoji screens, scrolls, lamps, books and all kinds of unique projects.  A brief background of Japanese paper will be followed by hands on papermaking as students prepare the vat, form sheets and press them in this one day workshop. Some decorative techniques, such as embedding pressed fall leaves or creating patterns with water (rakusui) will also be introduced.

$65/person including materials

maximum participants limited to 4

book a spot by Friday Sep 18th