What have we been up to?

Fun and games, that’s what.

We got new rollers, and they’re wonderful:

Our current intern is making postcards. She’s making a second linoleum block for them, and she’s planning a sculptural promo piece that I’m looking forward to seeing finished. We’ll be making paper for that later this week. (We’ll post pictures!)

We gave big paper a try — and I think we might be doing a weekend papermaking party, but I’ve got to convince someone with a grill that they want to come join us so we can have snacks while we’re at it.

Saturday is Woody Guthrie’s centennial (and I just saw the Billy Bragg does Woody Guthrie show), so we’ll be playing Mermaid Avenue while we work this week. If you can get to Okemah, I hear that Woodyfest is going to be amazing this year.