October Workshops

It’s getting cold, so come create some original artwork indoors. Custom workshops are always available, make an appointment to turn your garden waste into beautiful greeting cards! Come make something together, gather a small group and receive a discount on a custom class. We can accept multiple forms of payment e-mail bostonpapercollective@gmail.com to reserve a spot or book a custom or group class

Wednesday Night Sampler

October  14, 21, 28, November 4th  6-8pm

Each week a new technique will be introduced. Over the 4 weeks we will explore papermaking, pulp painting, press-less printing, and basic book binding or assemblage. The papermaking workshop will teach basic sheet forming, the basis for so many other techniques. In the pulp painting week, students will paint with colored pulp, a fast way to add color for prints, cards or books to a new sheet of paper. The next session will focus on surface decoration, creating images and pattern through press-less printing. The last week brings everything together into a book, cards, or assemblage, finishing techniques will be demonstrated. This workshop can accommodate beginners through intermediate.

200/ per person including materials

Limited to 6 people

Proto Paper

Tuesday October 13 11am – 2pm

Before paper there was papyrus, the stalk of the plant was cooked and beaten out into sheets. The fibers were laminated into each other to create a relatively smooth writing surface. Another form of proto paper is created from the inner bark of the mulberry bush. During the workshop participants will learn how to prepare the fiber, and make the sheets.

50/ per person including materials

Marbling Workshop

Saturday October 10th 1-4pm

Marbling has been called many things, painting on water, floating clouds, aqueous mono print, marblizing. There are also many different variations, waterbased on carrageenan, sumi ink on water, oil on water acrylics on methylcellouse. In this workshop participants will explore water-based marbling on carrageenan which yields the most control possible in the medium. Experimentation will be encouraged, patterns as well as figurative techniques will be demonstrated.

65/per person including materials

Press-less printing

Tuesday October 20 1-4

Learn how to create blocks and print without a printing press! This is a great way to create work on handmade paper.

60/ per person including materials

Sculptural Paper

Saturday October 24   9am-3pm

In this workshop participants will be encouraged to think about the different applications for paper. paper is a versatile medium, many artists have explored it’s possibilities as a sculptural medium. The type of pulp, kozo versus cotton, over-beaten flax verses, over-beaten abaca will be discussed in relation to the desired effect of the finished sculpture. We will cover wet folding techniques, armature creation and cast paper. We will have a break for lunch, in the afternoon section participants will design and create a sculpture with assistance from instructor.
Familiarity with basic papermaking a plus, but not required

Limited to 5 people
120/ per person including materials