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We’re at 523 Medford St. in Charlestown, MA. This is how to find us:

We are located behind the Schrafft’s building in Sullivan Square, a 7 minute walk from the Sullivan Square T station. The 92 and 93 bus go around the rotary and you’ll need to request the bus stop by the Schrafft’s building.

There are multiple bus lines that run from Cambridge: the 91 from Central and the 86 from Harvard. The 89 Broadway bus runs from Davis or Clarendon Hill. These can often be faster than transferring to the Orange Line.

From Sullivan Station, walk around the rotary towards the Shrafft’s building (it has a pink neon sign). Main Street is the street in front of the Schrafft’s building off the rotary; take a right. Walk one block and take a left at the fire station: this is Medford street. We are two blocks down Medford street on the left.

If you are driving, head for Sullivan Square. Once you’re on the rotary, take a right onto Main Street. Take a left at the next intersection onto Medford Street. There is a fire station on the corner. We’re on the left, about two blocks down. There is two hour on-street parking in front of the building. The other side of the street is permit only, so be sure to check the signs. We also have half the lot past the building on the left, but these spots are usually occupied before 3:30 on weekdays.

Look for the Stove Factory Gallery sign. Use the middle entrance with the yellow double doors. We are on the second floor. The intercom does not work, so if you’re coming for a workshop please email us in advance to make arrangements.

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  1. Hi,
    I am interested in your workshop for October and learned that you will have one in October 20th. How can I register? by a visit or online?
    I also saw a post(replying to someone who might have had questioned) that you are offering a weekend program. Could you explain how it works?
    In addition, do you have any shows presenting your archive or work pieces somewhere so that I can look?

    Thank you.

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