Suggested Books, websites, and online resources. This is a short and evolving list, if you have suggestions please comment or e-mail.

Hand Papermaking

Paper making by Jules Heller c 1978 Watson – Guptill  Publications / NY

Papermaking with Plants by Helen Hiebert  c1998 Storey Books
all of her books are good, also check out the papermakers companion

The Art of Papermaking by Bernard Toale c1983 Davis Publication, Inc. Worcester, MA

The Art and Craft of Papermaking by Sophie Dawson c1992 Quarto Publishing, Running Press Publishers

History/ science
Recycled Papers: The Essential Guide by Claudia G. Thompson c1992 The MIT Press Cambridge, MA

Papermaking, The History and Technique of an Ancient Craft by Dard Hunter c 1943 and cc 1974  Dover Publications, NY

Paper Art: History of Paper Art by Dorothea Eimert Published by Wienand For Paper Art 5, 5th Biennale of Paper Art 1994

Which Paper? A Guide to Choosing and Using Fine Papers by Sylvie Turner c1994 by Design Books NY, NY

Making Paper: A Look Into the History of an Ancient Craft by Bo Rudin  Lyons & Burford, Publishers NY, NY (1990?)

Art and Contempory Approaches
Spirit of Paper a Peter Gentenaar Compilation c2004 Uitgeverij Compres bv, for the Holland Papier Biennale 2004

Tijdloos Papier (Timeless Paper) Compilation by Peter Gentenaar  c2002 Uitgeverij Compres bv, for the Holland Papier Biennale 2002

Origamido: Masterworks of Paper Folding by Michael G. Lafosse c2000 by Rockport Publishers Gloucester, MA

Organizations  (Robert C. Williams Paper Museum in GA) (good online tutorials) (Paper history museum in Brookline, MA)

Paper Sculpture

cast paper

Wet Folding